Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, it's been quite some time since my last post. But I haven't been slacking, just been very busy. I am actually suppose to be cleaning the house up but I'm just not feeling that right now.

The Storbeck  Family and their friends. Princess Camryn on the bike. 
The Ironglut Spinathon and Century Challenge has come and gone. I can't say how glad I am that it's over and how surprised I was by how well it went. The families that came to talk about their experience with Children's Cancer Connection were very inspiring. It was also very nice to get to see the kids that benefit from what we are doing. What we are doing was just made so much more important by seeing the actual people we are helping.
The back row of bikes before the ride began. 
I was really worried about whether or not we could keep a group of people in a small room entertained and riding bikes for 6 hours. Well, the answer is yes we could. Our sponsors all came through with prizes and things that made it fun for the riders. They also were able to donate items that we auctioned off and made a really good chunk of money for our charity. Next year will be an even bigger success! Hy-Vee on Euclid made some awesome sandwiches and cookies. I may have had more than my fair share of the cookies. When the event was over we were able to donate quite a bit of food and beverages to the shelter downtown. So our event covered a lot of ground on March 4. Pretty proud that we pulled it off and that it did that much good. We are still waiting on some final numbers but the amount raised is somewhere right around $4000.

My newest project is a video I made for a contest. The contest is called Kona Inspired. They are asking that people with stories of inspiration and stories that fall into the "Anything is Possible" mantra be uploaded and then voted on. So I'm sharing my story in the hopes of an entry into the Kona Ironman World Championship. Kona is a race that, for the most part, you have to qualify for. Which means you have to be pretty damn fast to get qualified. The chances of me qualifying anytime soon are pretty slim. So to be part of this race would really be a dream come true. Not to mention that if I were to finish the race, my story might be used in the broadcast. That would possibly help us spread the IM4RM fundraiser to a really large audience. And at the very least, maybe inspire a few people. The Kona broadcast is the single thing that pushed me into triathlon. I had no intentions or even thoughts of doing triathlon until I watched the Ironman World Championship. To be one of those stories, like the ones that motivated me, would be a great success story.

My training has been going really good. I have had a few hiccups here and there with small pains but for the most part I'm just being cautious and everything is fine. I had a massage last week and I am still gauging the effect it had on me. It was only the second time I have had it done and this guy didn't hold back (keep your dirty thoughts to yourself). I think he was able to get some muscles loosened up and aligned but I'm still kind of recovering from it. It felt like I was run over by a truck the following couple days. I'm currently in my test week and I am getting more great results from the Triathlon Dominator plan. Everything is improving and I love the workouts. I really can't say enough good about this plan.

I normally have something to say that is heartfelt or inspirational in my blogs. I don't want to reach so I'm just keeping it simple. But I would like to add a quick something. Take advantage of every minute. Don't waste any time waiting for something to happen, go get it and make it happen. If you want it, you have to get it. And hug your family and friends. Spend time with them and appreciate them while you have them. Any time they could be gone. I have been doing more of this lately, especially with my family. I look at my wife, daughter and parents and can't imagine life without them. Time is limited so use it while you have it. Our schedule is crazy busy and it seems like we are always on the go, but when we are able to spend that time together, that's all that matters.

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